Grease Trap Cleaning

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Grease traps are designed to do just what the name implies, to trap fatty oils, grease, and sludge, and to separate oils from water. These substances pass through a catching system, which gives them time to cool off and solidify, and the water passes through the drain as normal. This system must be maintained regularly in order to work effectively to keep your grease trap clean. In order to keep your business up and operational trust the professionals at B & B Drain-Tech.

Eliminate what's causing your clogs - Sludge - Fat - Oil - Grease

Grease traps should be pumped yearly, quarterly or even monthly according to size and usage. Grease traps act as a filter which may become clogged if left unattended. A neglected grease trap can spill grease and build up into other lines. For restaurants, this can lead to possible shut down and loss of customers. If you feel the same for your customers as we feel about ours, you wouldn't want to leave your grease trap unattended.